2018 Interior Color Trends

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December 21, 2017
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2018 Interior Color Trends

2018 interior color trends

2018 Interior Color Trends

It’s a New Year and it’s time to paint a room or two in your home – but what color should you use? What’s popular and what’s the latest color trend you ask? Here’s the buzz on 2018 interior color trends…

This year brings anxiety for most people and it seems that more peaceful colors will become necessary to create calm. Blues, greens and grays are making a comeback into living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Any combination of those three colors can inspire people to alleviate their stress.

Bring more of the outdoors into your home by using nature-inspired hues of these 2018 interior color trends. It’s easy to create a relaxed atmosphere in a room with these tranquil colors and you can use them in rooms with multiple design styles, (traditional, modern, or coastal), and even as paint colors for hallways.

Another popular color shade for this year is light brown – everything from honey and almond, to mocha and cappuccino. These colors can be used to evoke a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in a large space. They can also be used as trim or accent colors for other bolder earth tone hues.

Everyone’s palette is different, but we see that more homeowners are using a variety of red shades to accent as well. Whether it’s more like mulberry, cranberry or cherry, a red tone provides a dramatic and exciting vibe in a room. Reds are popular for bedrooms that have lots of light and home office spaces that need vibrancy.

So those are the 2018 interior color trends! If you’re ready to paint any room in your house, contact our eco-friendly painting experts for help. We can guide you on how to choose the right paint hue and sheen so that you’re happy with your room.

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