4 Great Ideas for Painting a Plywood Sub-floor

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4 Great Ideas for Painting a Plywood Sub-floor

Painted Plywood Subfloord

Painting could be the easiest way to temporarily improve a sub-floor’s appearance. You can create a cost-effective plywood sub-floor and paint the same as a temporarily solution. Painting plywood sub-floor could really be a low-budget yet creative flooring option. As long as you are utilizing primer and paints especially designed for porch/patio/deck, painting your plywood sub-floor and enhancing the standard of your living room is an easy task.

Mentioned below are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind while painting plywood sub-floor:

Stay Bold:

When it comes to select color for plywood sub-floor, you can stay pretty bold. For example, if you feel it’s reasonable to install a hot-pink wall or lime-green carpet for the sub-floor, you should be bold and go for the same without any hesitation. In case you want to paint your plywood sub-floor temporarily, the best option is to get something creative and choose the same color that you think is suitable for your sub-floor.

Create a Pattern:

It is ideal to paint your sub-floor to mimic tiles. It is always good to make a pattern, for example, checkerboard or diamond pattern, out of squares. However, if you are willing to add a little more detail to the paint job, you can consider using a smaller rectangular shapes to create a herring bone as well as basket weave pattern. If you use a particular template, you can create more elaborate interlocking shapes, for example hexagons or octagons with square connecting dots can be a great way to enhance your plywood sub-floor.

Add Some Decorative Elements:

Instead of applying a plain, regular paint color, you can add a little more decorative elements on your plywood sub-floor. For example, you can use decorative images to enhance the look and feel of the plywood floor and bring is some color contrast. Another excellent way to enhance the look of your plywood sub-floor paint project, is to create a border around the room by using a stencil. You can also use bigger rubber stamps to imprint some exciting decorative symbols and shapes irregularly over the plywood sub-floor to create a wonderful pattern.

Give Your Plywood Sub-floor a Natural Stone Look:

If you like to get an idea of stone floor, you can use faux paint techniques in order to provide the sub-floor with the look of natural stone. Once you are done with painting the floor the color you would want the mortar in the joints between the stone, you can add a narrow painter’s tape to cover the joint lines.

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