What is the Average Time to Paint a Room?

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What is the Average Time to Paint a Room?

average time to paint a room

Before you hire a professional painter, they should be able to estimate how long the job will take.

On average, painting the ceiling and walls in two rooms of a house would probably require a full 8-hour day. Calculating the average time to paint a room depends on all of these factors:

  • Type of paint (Flat, Latex, Satin finishes all have different drying times)
  • Number of paint colors to be used in each room
  • Size and shape of the room
  • Number of painters

Generally, to paint a standard room that measures 12 x 12 feet, it takes about 6 hours for both the walls and the ceiling. That time estimate is only correct if the walls are in good condition and spackling does not need to be done first. Additionally, trim, baseboards, doors and windows will probably take about 3 hours.

It’s considered standard protocol for painters to apply one coat of primer and two coats of colored paint on the walls, and one coat of a standard white paint on the ceiling.

Different colors on different walls within a room to create a unique design will increase the time needed to complete the whole project. Lighter paint colors typically only need two coats, but darker paint colors, should get three to four coats.

In order to estimate proper timing for your next project, speak to a painter who is experienced. As you can see, the average time to paint a room can differ greatly.
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