Feeling the Winter Blues? Brighten Up Your Kitchen to Lift Your Spirits!

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November 28, 2017
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Feeling the Winter Blues? Brighten Up Your Kitchen to Lift Your Spirits!

brighten up your kitchen

Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Most homeowners would agree that the most popular room in their home is the kitchen. Although it gets a lot of traffic, it can be the most overlooked room when it comes to painting and interior renovation. A new color can not only provide and updated design, but it will bring you inspiration and will uplift your mood. Plus, a fresh coat of paint could brighten up your kitchen and help reinvigorate the space with very little cost.

The kitchen is usually the center of the home and it serves many purposes, so everyone should be able to enjoy the color. Warm colors, like reds, oranges and yellows often reflect some of the most common foods we cook. Cooler colors, like greens and blues, imply freshness and a Zen-like environment. No matter the palette, be sure you also find trim colors that compliment the walls and complete the room.

Choosing a paint color to brighten up your kitchen should definitely be practical but should also showcase your design style. The color you choose will definitely impact the atmosphere of your kitchen, whether it’s one of culinary excitement, casual comfort or even peaceful serenity. It all depends on how you and your family wish to use the space. Style should not overshadow function, but you should use a color palette that speaks to you.

Another option to brighten up your kitchen could be to update the cabinets with paint. A pop of bright white or a retro robin’s egg blue could provide just the look you’re searching for. Also adding special lighting might highlight the new paint color.

Making your kitchen shine can involve some very simple painting ideas – contact our color experts to see how we can help you bring new life to your most popular room.

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