Hiring a Color Consultant Can Give You Peace of Mind

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Hiring a Color Consultant Can Give You Peace of Mind

color consultant

Color Consultant

Paint colors are not always easy to choose – especially when you first move into a home and it’s a blank canvas. Color consultants are trained professionals who can provide guidance on how colors can transform the look of the rooms in your home.

If you’re indecisive about colors, hiring a professional color consultant is probably the best option – especially if you’re overwhelmed by the millions of paint color choices out there. These professionals are trained to know what colors complement each other. They will come to your home and help you create a unique color palette that will help you easily make your choices.

There are even custom colors, which they can blend to compliment colors that already exist in your home. Whatever the level of color consultation you’re searching for, these are some of benefits of hiring a color consultant:

Time Savings
Home and business owners usually spend hours going over paint color choices when they’re redecorating their space. It’s really not a productive use of time – you could be spending time on more important things.

You can save an extraordinary amount of time with a color consultant because they’ve already chosen the best color combinations for your space. Usually, a color consultant will provide an appropriate palette and give you samples to try. Then you can determine what is most suitable for the space you’re having painted.

Cost Savings
Anytime you purchase a paint sample it costs money. With a color consultant, you can cut costs on the number of samples you purchase and eliminate using the wrong color. These professionals know how to stick to a budget, which leaves you more money for furniture and accessories.

Why paint with a color that looks good in the can, but not on your walls. When you don’t sample paint colors, it can be quite a costly mistake. Paint samples can save you hundreds of dollars in paint costs.

The Latest Color Trends
It’s difficult to constantly keep up with the latest color trends. When people consider the resale value of their home or office space, they will want to choose colors that buyers might prefer. Hiring a color consultant can help you determine the colors that are currently trending for the year and which ones will attract buyers.

Coordinate More Than Color
Whatever space you’re interested in painting, you may consider adding to an existing color scheme with accent walls and shades or tints. A very monochromatic color scheme may not work in your home, so a color consultant can look at your existing rooms and suggest ways to achieve a better color balance.

Because there are thousands of different paint colors and finishing styles to choose from, it’s so much easier to have a color consultant choose the right colors for your space, like kids room paint colors for example.

At Canabe, our color experts will collaborate with you on the best color options. We will teach you how to showcase the true beauty of your space. Paint color choices can highlight unique areas of your home or office, and we will help you select the best colors, tones and hues that will complement one another. 

If you need validation or guidance before a painting project, contact our color consultants – they understand how to manage color choices appropriately, resulting in a home or office that you can take pride in. Contact us today for more information on our services.

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