Color Forecasting – Spruce Up Your Kitchen with These Trendy Color Choices

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Color Forecasting – Spruce Up Your Kitchen with These Trendy Color Choices

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Color Forecasting

It’s time-consuming to choose paint colors for any room in the house. Since there are so many shades to choose from, it can become frustrating to find the right color scheme. It generally depends on the room you have to paint and the design style you have in mind. For color forecasting, kitchens are usually the easiest room in the home to paint, because it’s typically the hub of the family home and the room you use the most.

Paint color trends and color forecasting change from year to year, but when it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green are the basics. Depending on hues and shade differences, these colors trends will help make your kitchen an environment you’ll want to spend time in.

The warmer color tones, such as the family of reds are known to increase your appetite – so what better color than red to have in your kitchen! It’s a color that has dramatic and subtle shades that could really make an impact in a kitchen. A pop of cranberry or cherry red on your kitchen cabinets can also make the room feel alive. No matter what shade, if you’re looking to create that flare in your kitchen, red is the color for you.

Because the kitchen is where most people start their day, white and its many shades make wake up your spirit when you enter it. In an all-white kitchen, you can select brighter colors or designs for the counters and backsplashes to have a bit of contrast. Since there are many shades of white, you can lean towards a white that looks slightly gray or a white that looks slightly pink. Whichever white you choose, it will bring a bright and clean look to your kitchen.

As far as color forecasting goes, neutral colors have been so popular lately, and gray is no exception. Some think the shades of gray are too cold, but it can be magical in a kitchen. It hides dirt and fingerprints well and it often pairs well with other colors. Gray also creates a great foundation for splashes of other brighter colors in a kitchen, like peacock, yellow or aqua.

Blue is a classic kitchen color that draws people in. The variations of blue shades seem infinite and it’s a color that has always been popular. Lighter shades help to create a streamlined look and seem to bring about peaceful feelings. Darker blues can be very powerful – they can evoke an elegance that no other color can create.

The best way to brighten up a kitchen is to paint it yellow. This color evokes happiness and sunshine, and depending on the hue, yellow has the ability to make people feel calm. Yellow can make small rooms feel larger and it does pair well with most accent colors.

When you’re stumped on what color to choose for your next paint project, turn to a color consultant for advice. They’ve mastered color forecasting to help our customers select the perfect paint colors for their home. Contact us today for more information on our services.

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