Commercial Painting Services

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How We Work ~ Painting, Restoration, Renovation, Attention To Detail, Client Satisfaction

With J. Canabe Painting Company, our versatile approach to our commercial painting services considers all phases of the project.  Be it a historical building which may require the restoration and renovation in its entirety or a portion thereof, special attention is required to ensure the enhancement of the structure and not to mistakenly destroy an artifact or its façade.

J. Canabe Painting Color Experts Commercial Corporate Retail Projects

With any commercial account, J. Canabe Painting Company will equally share this sense of ‘going green’ if desired.  Our commitment to industry and environmental standards no matter what size or level of complexity never deters our clients from getting excellence from the job performed. We take the responsibility.  The client gets the reward and their money’s worth when utilizing J. Canabe Painting Company.

For every job, residential or commercial, J. Canabe Painting Company will provide a professional and courteous walk through by a Canabe crew leader. A project plan is defined based on the objective of the job.  The walk through will reveal any obvious existing damages ~ even a scratch on a floor.  Everything is documented and a picture(s) is taken.

Commercial Painting Services
J. Canabe Painting Commercial Interior Exterior Gyms Restaurants & More

Once the project begins, at the end of each day there is a daily clean up sheet and a walk through with the home or business owner. Doing so, when the job is completed, the client and J. Canabe Painting Company are all on the same page and satisfied with the result.

Any paint left over is dated, sealed, noting what room it was used in or exterior surface applied to and stored where the client wants it and can get to it.

For Jim Canabe, a happy customer is the salesperson for our business. Jim loves to hear,   ‘They did great!’  ‘When we hear that we know we met their expectation.’

No matter what the job ~ when a potential client contacts the J. Canabe Painting Company, we know that the customer is considering the financial investment in the work to be done. That customer’s investment will ultimately unveil the J.Canabe work ethic and the integrity that is behind it.

J. Canabe Painting Color Experts Commercial Corporate Retail Projects
Nursing Homes Doctors Offices

The J.Canabe pledge to our customers is to meet the mutual expectation of: On time, start to finish, with no interruption of service!

J. Canabe Painting Company provides every customer with a 2 year written warranty. We are fully insured and licensed.