Deck Refinishing and Restoration

J. Canabe Painting Company professionally refinishes and restores your wood deck to it’s natural beauty. First, our carefully trained team of experts protect windows, doors, patio and deck furniture plus all plants and landscaping that surrounds or is near your patio or deck. We cover, tape or move as necessary to protect your home, possessions and landscaping.

Next, we power wash your deck to remove mildew, peeling paint or stain, dirt, tree sap, mold and algae. We will replace rotten wood boards and nails, then sand everything smooth so when we apply the stain finish everything goes without a hitch.

J. Canabe Painting Company knows that with proper cleaning and proper prepping of the wood, we can guarantee you a wood deck that will last for years with it’s natural beauty. Plus we save you money down the road because cleaning and prepping properly preserves and saves your wood from rot and decay. This is the most important phase of deck restoration and refinishing.

The next critical step is applying the stain or wood finish. Often times stain or wood finish is applied too thickly. This results in a sticky finish that does not dry and adhere correctly. Water repellant finishes are often also applied too thickly as the general thought by do-it-yourselfers is that more is better. Too much of any application and it will not dry as it should, which directly affects it’s ability to adhere properly. If the stain or finish does not adhere correctly, rot and decay will eventually set in.

J. Canabe Painting Company has years of experience when it comes to deck refinishing and restoration. Our professional deck refinishing team applies the perfect amount of professional grade stain, wood finish and water repellant finish to your deck to ensure lasting beauty and durability. Deterioration and rotting are things of the past once you have the J. Canabe Painting Company team refinish and restore your wood deck.