Don’t Forget to Paint Your Hallway!

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Don’t Forget to Paint Your Hallway!

Paint colors for hallways

When you’re making important decorating or painting decisions, paint colors for hallways tend to be one of the most overlooked areas. Hallways really should be the focal point of your home – it’s the first space someone sees and can enhance a guest’s experience when they enter.

Typically, the most common paint colors for hallways are light tan, or taupe, creams and light gray, but there are unlimited directions you can go in. From colors that are rustic and warm, or colors that are bold and dramatic – the color palette is endless.

It’s crucial to first consider the hallway’s size. Your paint choices will be different if your hallway is small or if it’s a large open space with a staircase. Other things to consider are the lighting and the relationship the hallway has to the other rooms which surround it.

The amount of traffic your hallway gets is important to think about as well. If it’s a high-traffic area, it’s wise to choose a durable, washable paint which is made to resist any chipping, scuffing and marking.

If you’re debating about light or dark color shades – here’s where the hallway size comes into play. A light shade of color will increase the feeling of space, so light colors will be most suitable for smaller or darker hallways. If you are lucky to have a window in your hallway, the natural light will help make the space feel wider.

No matter what type, size or height, paint colors for hallways should not be overlooked. Consult with a painting professional for recommendations. The expert painters at J. Canabe are here to help you decide on a painting strategy for every room in your home. Contact us for more information or answers to your questions.

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