Five Smart Tips on How to Use Paint Colors for Interior Renovation

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Five Smart Tips on How to Use Paint Colors for Interior Renovation

interior renovation

Interior Renovation

Whatever your design style and whatever size room you have, there are certain design trends that can help you enhance any room in your home in an interior renovation. From pastels to neutrals, to big dramatic colors, paint colors can evoke a variety of feelings – from happiness to comfort and passion. Don’t believe us? See our post on mood changing color and see what we mean.

Here are some tips on how to go about interior renovation by using color:

  1. By painting your ceiling, a darker color, you can make your room feel more intimate. A darker color will create the illusion of a lower ceiling, which makes a room seem a bit cozier – especially if you have a fireplace.
  2. Paint your front door a statement color that stands out from the rest of the house. Try a gorgeous historical blue or a radiant ruby red – not something you see every day.
  3. To make your room feel more modern, you can paint the walls and trim the same color – but just be sure to use a different finish on each – flat paint for walls and semi-gloss for trim.
  4. Make a small space seem larger by painting a lighter version of the wall paint, on the ceiling. Lighter colors above you give the illusion of more height in a room.
  5. Choosing a bold or subtle wall color can create an energetic or relaxed atmosphere. Dramatic reds and blues and light and whimsical greens and yellows can make a true impact on the mood of your room.

Using vibrant colors on your walls is not only attractive, it elevates an emotional connection between you and your home – that’s why choosing paint colors are so crucial for interior renovation.

If you’re still unsure about your color palette choices, contact our color experts for a consultation. We can help you make the right decision that you’ll be satisfied with. Call us today!

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