Mood Changing Color – The Impact of Color on Your Mood

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Mood Changing Color – The Impact of Color on Your Mood

mood changing color

Interior designers are trained to understand how to create a mood within a room. It’s a fact that part of that includes choosing mood changing color palettes which can evoke certain feelings, and emotions. Paint colors can have a powerful influence on mood, behavior and have even been known to slightly decrease blood pressure.

There are several ways to combine colors to create a dramatic or calming tone for your rooms. For instance, a bright and sunny room could be painted a “happy” color – like a shade of bright orange or magenta, while a cozy, small room could be painted a “calm” color, like a sea green or slate blue.

There has been some recent research on how people react to mood changing color. In fact, “color psychology” is used in marketing, art, design, and other areas to prompt appeal with customers and patrons.

A person’s experiences with color are shaped by the environment they live, work and socialize in. Although it’s individual for everyone, there is proof that a certain mood changing color can effect how a person feels, if they are exposed to it often.

There are some colors with universal meaning, for instance, warm colors include red, orange, and yellow and can create feelings of warmth and comfort. Whereas colors on the blue side of the spectrum like blue, purple, and green may create feelings of calm, sadness or indifference.

No matter which mood changing color palette you’re using, it’s best to consult with a professional painter or interior designer to determine what mood you’d like to create. At J Canabe, we are the color experts and we have years of experience with residential painting services.

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