Painting A New House: How To Choose The Best Colors

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February 19, 2019
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Painting A New House: How To Choose The Best Colors

painting a new house

Painting A New House

Most people spend a pretty penny on their new home before they move in. Along with the hefty down payment, there are usually some fixes and updates that need to be made before you move in. A fresh coat of paint in each of the rooms always seems like a great way to make your new home yours.

It’s often difficult for non-professionals to choose paint colors that are both beautiful and appropriate for the rooms in their home. Because paint comes in a million different combinations of hues, sheens and colors, it can be overwhelming to select the right color for your space. For some added inspiration for painting a new house, check out our article on the top 3 trending 2019 paint colors

Latex paint is the most commonly used for its ease of clean up and lasting durability. Latex paint also is more fade resistant than oil and it creates a smoother finish. Oil-based paint is better to use for wood moldings and trim, because it will cover imperfections much better than a latex paint would.

Sheen level is also a struggle to decide upon when painting a new house. The glossier the paint, the easier it is to clean up, so it’s probably best to use a high gloss paint in a kids’ room. Semi-gloss paint is still a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it can be cleaned easily. Satin sheens are appropriate for kitchens, baths and hallways because they have a nice smooth finish without a shiny look. If your walls have lots of imperfections, it’s best to choose a flat or matte finish. The best part with this type of paint, is that you can usually get away with one coat.

Using a color wheel is an essential tool to use when you’re choosing paint colors. The opposite colors on the color wheel will sometimes help you create a unique color palette for your home. There are several ways to select paint colors and create different looks:

For a subtle and soothing look:

To create a subtle and soothing look in a space, designers recommend a monochromatic approach. A variety of blue shades will always look good in a bathroom or a bedroom if you want the feeling of calmness. But you overlap the shades of any color in any room you’d like. Any combination of varying shades within the same color scheme will create a tranquil, peaceful environment and a calm ambiance.

For a more elegant look:

An elegant look is easy to create with a palette of neutral colors. Neutral colors such as coconut, almond, latte and clay are very popular right now. When most of the room is painted one of these elegant colors, you can accent with other splashes of color. Whether it’s a bright-colored throw, pillow or vase give you lots of flexibility in quickly changing the feel of the room. The lighter hue of color you choose, the more spacious the room will appear.

For a more vibrant look:

Choosing vibrant colors like orange, gold, red and dark purples can help create a unique space that stands out. Be sure to choose two colors next to each other on the color wheel for a visual contrast as one will stand out from the other. It’s best to pick a focal point when you are painting a room – it will help you choose the color more quickly. You can use paint colors to highlight any interesting aspect in your room – visible stairways and other unique accents will definitely stand out when you use vibrant colors.

Kids Room:

It’s always important to choose paint colors that will not need updating often when painting a new house, but there’s one room that will need updating every two to three years – your kids’ room. Kids rooms don’t always have to be in primary colors or pastels – there are some amazing color choices for kids rooms these days. Try to choose colors that inspire creativity and imagination for your kids. Their environment should be a place where they can enjoy spending time.

In smaller rooms, neutral colors tend to work best. White, beige or gray are the most basic neutrals and will help the rooms feel larger. You can have the kids get involved in choosing more colorful accents like pillows, rugs, wall decals, and bedding to complement the room.

With the right paint color and a little imagination, you can easily change the look and feel of a room. Whatever the shape and size of your room, it’s always best to hire a professional painter to do the work. Professional painters can help you choose an eco-friendly paint can be helping the keep the air you breathe safe and they are knowledgeable about paint that features low odors and zero VOCs.

Hiring a professional painter is important and at J Canabe, we have special color experts who can work to find the right paint in the perfect color when painting a new house. Contact us today for more information.

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