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February 7, 2016
Painting Over Old Plaster

How to Paint Old Plaster Walls Like a Pro?

Old plaster walls are little difficult to paint and you have to put a little more effort into the surface preparation job before you apply the […]
January 31, 2016
Best Selling Paint Colors

How to Choose The Best Paint Colors That Help Sell Your Home?

In today’s competitive home selling market in New Jersey, a lot of work goes into choosing a paint color for a quick sale. When you are […]
January 24, 2016
Peeling Paint and Cracking

What Is Making My Paint Peel On The Interior Of My Home?

Most homeowners feel a gigantic sense of pride when they complete repainting a room in their home. However, at times, the pride can lead to an […]
January 16, 2016
How To Fix Bubbles in Deck Stain

What Are The Possible Ways To Fix Bubbles in Deck Stain?

If the circumstances are favorable, the deck stain you apply on your deck stinks appropriately into the pores of the wood and dries to a flawless […]