Smart Ideas for Painting Interior Doors

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Smart Ideas for Painting Interior Doors

painting interior doors

Painting Interior Doors

There are so many different ways to update your home, but a really quick way to make an impact is to repaint the doors. Although it may seem easy, painting interior doors in your home can actually be quite challenging, so it’s best to leave this project to a professional painter.

Here are some ideas on how to start this type of paint project:

Color Choice
There are hundreds of colors which make sense for doors, but it’s wise to test out as many colors as you can before you make a final choice. Trying the small sample cans is always a good idea so you can see the swatches on the door at different times of the day. It’s wise to choose a darker color for your door if your house is painted a light color, or if your door is a natural wood color you can also try staining the woodwork to bring out the natural beauty.

Amount and Type of Paint
Depending on the size and location of your door, the amount of paint needed could vary greatly. On average, for every door you’re going to paint, you’ll probably need about one quart of paint. If you’re painting the front door of your home and it does not have an outside storm door, you’ll probably want to choose a high-quality exterior paint.

Typically, glossy paints are preferred for doors and trim because:

  1. They are best for highlighting architectural features
  2. They are more durable because they help avoid nicks and scrapes
  3. They and can hide imperfections on the door

Whether the paint you choose is latex or oil paint, be sure to check with your painter to see which one will have the best coverage on your specific door.

Prep Work
Your painter will give you more direction, but it’s much easier to remove the door you are painting from its hinges. If there is a storm or glass door outside the door you’re painting, it will help to keep insects and other debris from entering your home. It’s crucial to first prime the door before painting, especially if you are changing the color of the door. Prior to your first paint step, you will also want to remove all the hardware. It’s also important that you clean the door with a wet rag, and then use a sander or sandpaper to remove any imperfections.

Every door needs to be primed and the primer will cover the entire door. Be sure to have your painter use a paint roller in order to apply the primer. When the primer is dry, your painter will go over any trim work or details on the door. A paintbrush will give you a nice “hand-painted” look. Even if you use a roller, you can use a brush for the final coat to achieve this look. Allow the door to dry completely before reattaching the hardware and rehanging the door, if you removed it to paint.

Most professional painters have great expertise, but finding one that has experience painting doors may be a challenge. Be sure to hire someone who has had experience with painting interior doors. If your doors are in need of a paint, please contact us today for an estimate – we’ll be happy to help make your home look amazingly beautiful, either way!

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