Hiring A Professional Exterior Painter for a Paint Project

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Hiring A Professional Exterior Painter for a Paint Project

professional exterior painters

Professional Exterior Painter

It’s often challenging to maintain the beauty of your home without updating the paint inside and out. Interior painting can be a challenge, but exterior painting is definitely best left to a professional.

Professional exterior painters should be able to do the job properly and efficiently, given their high level of experience. It’s easy for them to recommend the best type and brand of paint for the project, also taking other factors into consideration, like weather. Sure, one could argue that it could be easier and cheaper to do the painting yourself, but painting the exterior of your home could also be dangerous.

Painting professionals have access to special equipment needed to paint in hard to reach places and they have the insurance coverage that will protect them in case of an accident. Before you begin any paint project, be sure your contractor is insured and that their coverage will protect you from liability.

Of course, it’s also important that your professional exterior painter has a good reputation. There’s no better way to hire one than with a personal referral. Any good painter knows that the key to finding their customers is through positive referrals from other customers.

It’s wise for you to have a general idea of your budget for the project before you interview painters. It’s easier to get estimates that way. When painting a new house or office, you can estimate the paint area by multiplying in feet the wall’s height by its width, minus windows and doors. That way, you can estimate just how much paint may be needed to complete the project.

For an exterior paint project, you must make sure that the timing is perfect as far as weather is concerned. The best opportunity to paint outdoors are the spring and fall seasons because you will avoid fluctuations of extreme temperatures that may affect how the paint dries. Temperatures that are not ideal usually are below 56 degrees Fahrenheit and above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s also the rain and humidity in the air that could play a role in how your paint dries or is applied.

Before you choose a professional exterior painter, it’s best to get three other bids to compare. Ensure that they are properly licensed, that their insurance policy is current, and that they are bonded. It’s best to choose a painter that does not subcontract the work out and it’s great if they have a guarantee of their work.

The most prominent signs of a good painting contractor include:

  • High level of product knowledge
  • Clear communication about work ethic/advice on the project
  • Written estimate with a work guarantee

Most importantly, it’s essential that your contractor also responds to you in a timely manner. Nobody wants to work with someone who is not responsive to their customers.

At J.Canabe, we pride ourselves on the high-quality work that is performed by our professional exterior painters. We will work with you to determine a fair cost, adequate timing and the best paint for your project. Contact us today to learn more about our services – we’re here to answer your painting questions!

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