What to Expect When You Ask Professional House Painters for an Estimate

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What to Expect When You Ask Professional House Painters for an Estimate

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Professional House Painters – The Estimate

Whenever you begin to search for a painting contractor, it’s wise to take your time and understand exactly what to expect. Professional house painters usually have their own guidelines when giving an estimate, but there are also certain industry standards that should be followed.

No matter how experienced the painter, they will still need to earn your trust. As a paying customer, you should have all of your questions answered and feel completely comfortable you’re hiring the right expert. Prior to the estimate, the professional house painters should share references and other information about their experience. It’s also helpful for them to share before and after photos of other residential painting jobs as well.

Although speaking on the phone may be efficient, it’s best to request that an estimate be given in person or in writing. Regardless of the method you use to connect with professional house painters, you should expect to hear back from them shortly after your initial contact.

Be sure to request an official walk-through with the painter – this allows you to point out problem areas and confirm exactly how you wish the job to be done. As a courtesy, the painter should call you the day before to remind you of the appointment day and time.

Professional house painters should wear boot covers on their feet or offer to remove their shoes entirely before entering your home. Be open and honest with the painters about your vision for the space and any concerns you may have. A prepared painter will also take measurements, snap pictures or video and take notes.

The painters should also give you a list of products and materials they need, including the type, grade and finish of paint. They should also go over the steps start to finish prepping, priming, setting, removal, painting, wallpaper hanging, and cleanup procedures.

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