What to Expect When You Hire a Professional Kitchen Painter

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What to Expect When You Hire a Professional Kitchen Painter

professional kitchen painter

Professional Kitchen Painter

There is an extremely popular painting trend happening in the kitchen these days. Homeowners are now choosing to refinish their kitchen cabinets instead of purchasing new ones. The reason behind this trend is that the price for new wood is soaring to an unimaginable level.

Sadly, custom cabinet makers cannot keep up with these skyrocketing prices and they have been disappearing from the market, as advanced machinery has made them obsolete. Paint performance has come a long way and painting kitchen cabinetry has become quite an economic solution that homeowners appear to be more open to. A quality professional kitchen painter can provide you with an expert paint finish on your kitchen cabinets.

There are many steps to this type of project, but a true professional kitchen painter should be able to give you a concrete timeline and a fair price for the work. Hiring the right contractor isn’t always easy, but if you are knowledgeable about the process, you can ask the right questions to make your choice easier.

Before they begin, they should provide you with a written estimate and a timeline of how quickly the job can be completed. They should also walk you through each step of the process and help you understand the necessary hurdles you may face. Be sure to check references and ask for before and after images before you hire anyone.

The first step is simple – the painter should take all the doors and drawers off, and remove the hardware and hinges. It’s also absolutely necessary for the painter to wipe all the cabinet parts down with a commercial grease remover. If this step is not taken, then when the water-based paint is applied, it won’t stick.

Typically, a professional kitchen painter will utilize a spray finish with a high-quality airless sprayer. They will first remove the cabinet doors and spray them separate from the cabinets themselves. Depending on the type of wood your cabinets are made from, it usually takes two or three coats of primer to start the job. After the primer, there would most likely also be two or three topcoats to create a durable finish.

Just so that you are more informed – painted cabinets are not going to look totally smooth. Most cabinets have a visible open grain that will show through the paint. That’s why it’s crucial for your painter to use a good primer that will fill in the grain before painting the cabinets. The painter will also have to sand the cabinet surfaces well so the primer and paint will stick.

There’s no right or wrong color for any kitchen, but choosing the cabinet color is important, and color forecasting certainly helps. It’s the type of paint project you will not wish to redo anytime soon. Ask your professional kitchen painter for a variety of paint samples, because are the best way for you to see what color options there are.

With this type of project, patience is necessary. There must be waiting period for paint to cure before everything is put back in place. Your professional kitchen painter will know how long you need to wait depending on the type of primer and paint you choose.

When you’re ready to paint your kitchen cabinets, please consider calling our experts – we’re able to provide you with the highest quality paint and painting professionals available. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your kitchen shine!

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