Reclaim the Indoor Beauty of Your Home by Repainting Windows

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Reclaim the Indoor Beauty of Your Home by Repainting Windows

repainting windows

Repainting Windows

Owning an older home has its advantages – the everlasting charm of antique woodwork, large windows with delicate panes, and detailed cornices. However, maintaining these beautiful features can be challenging – especially for the larger, more intricate windows that are often part of an older home.

Repainting windows may seem like an ordinary task for any professional painter, but older, larger windows may present some unique challenges when repainting, so it’s best to hire a professional with the right window painting expertise. The challenges may be the intricate glass panes that are smaller and ornate, different hardware, and weather stripping, which may make it more difficult to paint around.

The type of paint used on windows is crucial because even indoor windows can face drastic temperature fluctuations and moisture from condensation. Because of this, you will need an expert to choose the right paint that will endure the differences in temperature. Choosing the right paint will also extend the life of the windows, especially if the intersections of wood and glass are sealed with paint.

Preparation when repainting windows is the best way to avoid mistakes and drying issues. As part of the prep, the professional you hire should first clean the windows with an industrial washing solution. The painter should also remove the old paint from the glass with a single-edge blade. They should also protect the glass with painter’s tape and sand along the edges of it.

It’s essential for the paint to cover all the necessary surfaces of the window. Although it can be time consuming, in order to get complete coverage, the painter should also remove all the hardware from the window (window latches and handles). It’s best if the painter removes the window sashes prior to painting. If the sash is painted in place, it can cause the window to be stuck when the paint dries completely.

Painting over weather stripping could also impact how smoothly your windows will open and close, so it’s best to avoid this from happening by covering the weather stripping with tape. Covering the window glass with tape can also be quite time consuming, but it makes all the difference at the end of the project. For any mistakes on the glass, the painter can also scrape it off later with a razor blade.

As far as planning for this type of project, the painter should recommend that the job start early in the morning, so that there’s an adequate amount of time for the paint to dry and so you can close the windows at night as well.

The right painting professional should be able to anticipate any issues that may come about during the process. Be sure that you’ve chosen someone who comes with strong references, a great track record, and years of experience. At Canabe, we’ve got a team of highly-qualified, professional painters in New Jersey who can help make your older windows look new again. Contact us for more information or for an estimate on this type of project.

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