Smart Steps to Hire Commercial Painting Contractors

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Smart Steps to Hire Commercial Painting Contractors

commercial painting contractors

Out of all the contractual improvement projects, painting is the most popular. Although it’s something people can do themselves, most often, painting is best left to commercial painting contractors. Hiring the right expert painter will not only save you a lot of time and effort, it could actually be more cost-effective.

Know Their Level of Experience
Be sure that you are aware of how long has the contractor been in business. The painting industry tends to have a high turnover rate. You should only hire someone with no less than two years of experience if you want the project done properly. Experienced commercial painting contractors can make recommendations on what materials will work best for your project because they know the latest products and techniques. They should also be able to suggest the right colors and finishes for your project.

It’s wise to hire a professional who provides references who you can contact prior to making a decision to hire them.

No Subcontractors!
Make sure that the contractor has no subcontractors and has direct employees – meaning that they get their paycheck directly from the contractor and not a third party. With direct employees, the contractor’s insurance policies should provide them with coverage, should any accidents or falls occur. If willing, the contractor can give you a copy of proof of insurance, just in case.

Proper License
Does the commercial painting contractor have a state-issued license, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance? It is absolutely critical that the contractor has all necessary insurance and licenses. Reputable, licensed and insured commercial painting contractors will have all the proper documents. Remember, it protects them and any workers they may have on site, as well as you and your property.

Free Formal Estimate & Guarantee of Work
Make sure the contractor gives you a written contract with the scope of the project, project timing, materials they will use and amount of prep work needed. A true professional will give written contracts and specifications for every project they aim to complete. They will also make you aware of the guarantees offered on the products they use – most reputable commercial painting contractors will offer a warranty on the application/preparation process.

Reasonable Prices
Getting the lowest price should not be your only goal. Someone with the skills and experience, who is properly licensed and insured may be worth the extra cost. Commercial painting contractors tend to operate on very tight profit margins. Just be sure to ask a ton of questions up front and get at least three bids – which should take no longer than a week to receive. Proposals should have the same amount of prep time, materials and scope of work along with all the proper documentation.

At J. Canabe, we are confident our customers choose us for many, if not all of the reasons listed above. We are the color experts and we’ve got years of experience in commercial painting services.

Contact us today for a free estimate for your next project.

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