Tips on How to Paint Your Kid’s Room

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Tips on How to Paint Your Kid’s Room

Kids Room Paint

One of the most exciting parts of an interior painting project is repainting your kid’s room. Repainting your baby’s room is the easiest and most basic way to transform a room. Most homeowners, who take an interior house painting project, often look for proper ideas and instructions on how to paint their kid’s room. Mentioned below are few tips on painting your child’s room.

Check the Paint Finish:

For your child’s room, the only paint finish that you should really consider for the walls is Eggshell. However, you can use satin or semi-gloss paint finish for the trims. Eggshell paint has the second least amount of sheen and your baby will surely love the look of partially matte walls. Cleaning the eggshell paint finish will also be easier. In a general rule, the shinier the finish, the darker the color will look on the wall and the more light will reflect. Eggshell paint finish will also resist fading.

Try to Use Low or No VOC Paint:

VOC or Volatile Organic Compound is the toxic stuff emitted by the solvents in the paint. High VOC paint can be harmful to inhale. Therefore, for a kid’s room, you should use low or no VOC paint. You can do a little research on the low or no VOC paints before purchasing the same for your kid’s room. Low VOC paints offer the same result just as the normal paints do. Focus on keeping the room well ventilated during painting since it will help the paint to dry quickly.

Check the Light Reflectance of the Paint:

Most of the reputed paint brands nowadays offer a large number of paints that has high light reflective value or LRV. LRV is actually a number that denotes the amount of light that is reflected by the painted surface. Typically, the whiter your color is, the higher the LRV will be. When it comes to paint your baby’s room, it is recommended that it should be painted with a paint color that is no higher than 60 LRV. This will help keep glare in control.

Focus on Choosing the Color:

Apart from the LRV and VOC, the color you choose for your baby’s room is going to be vital. You should choose such a color that your baby will like. You should understand that kids don’t have same color preferences as adults. In fact, kids generally like pastels or highly saturated colors.

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