The Top 3 Trending 2019 Paint Colors

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December 12, 2018
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The Top 3 Trending 2019 Paint Colors

2019 paint colors

2019 Paint Colors

Today’s trending paint colors are influenced by numerous things – both man-made and in nature. When it comes time to paint, the paint color experts at major paint manufacturers create trendy palettes that help make it easier for you to choose.

There is a movement going on in interior design – simplified decorating – going back to basics. A variety of influences inspire paint experts to choose trending colors. Everything from a shift of global cultures, to the women’s movement, translate into colors that have a personal resonance. Paint experts tend to also choose colors after products of different industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, and other societal trends around the world – colors from nature, the professional kitchen, the fashion runway, etc.

There are three trending interior 2019 paint colors, and they are earth tones that will certainly help you freshen up your home or office. Whether it’s an accent wall, or any other conversation-starting visual interest, these colors are pleasing to the eye.

There is one shade of brown that never really goes out of style – HAZELNUT! This color creates a source of calm in any room and it gracefully complements furnishings, rugs and other décor items. Although it’s ideal for a living room, office and/or den – it can create a warm and cozy room of any kind.

Gray is one of the more modern 2019 paint colors which typically provides a neutral mood. But add a touch of lilac and it becomes a cheerful, warm environment. It’s glamorous, but it’s also a softer color, as if it’s gently breaking down societal barriers so that we all can find common ground. Designers favor shades of gray for interior renovation because it is a subtle refreshing alternative to beige or cream. This color may work in all types of sheen levels and spaces – bedrooms, bathrooms, dens, and even a kitchen.

An excellent alternative to gold, a deep mustard color can accent a room and can easily be a bold statement on trim. This mustard color can help create provocative depth, and highlight décor and art brilliantly. Mustard can be very versatile but is probably best used for an accent wall in the space you are painting.

These three earth tones help achieve balance and calm in a world where there is constant chaos and disruption. Whether used separately or together, they evoke a peaceful return to nature and all of its glory. Using these 2019 paint colors in a home or office space will create an everlasting peacefulness amongst those who use the space.

No matter the type of space you are aiming to paint, consult with a professional to make sure you have wisely chosen your paint color. Choosing a color is not always easy, but the color experts at J. Canabe are always ready to help. We’ve spent years helping our customers select the perfect color for their space. Contact us today for more information on how easy it is to choose a color for your next paint project.

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