Water Damage Restoration

When Disaster Strikes, We Can HelpWater Damage Restoration

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We provide water damage restoration services to restore your home better than it was before.

We provide the following services to restore the internal wall structures of your home:

  • Dry wall repair and replacement
  • Wall plaster

Water damage is known to destroy the flooring. To restore the floors we offer services such as:

  • Wood flooring replacement
  • Tile floor replacement
  • Carpentry
  • Carpet placement
  • Baseboard trimming
  • Epoxy floor coating

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the most disastrous circumstance a house can face. The excess water and moisture can cause your property to deteriorate, destroy furniture and can become very unsanitary if restoration services do not take place promptly. The accumulated moisture and excessive water can also cause a safety hazard in the presence of electric circuits and electrical appliances. The water will weaken the physical structure of the house if the issue is not addressed promptly so the damages should be taken care of within the first 24- 48 hours and although the destruction seems immense, the cleanup and restoration will bring great results to your temporarily damaged home.


The restoration process begins right after the water damage is repaired. This is where we come in. We aim to restore your home and the damages the flood, storm, water or sewage leak has caused in the interior and exterior structures of the house. We provide the services that will help you return your house to its initial state or to a more improved state. The restoration process can include minor repairs such as replacing the drywall or changing the flooring or to larger changes of reconstructing the interior architecture of the room.

Painting services

The water damage and excessive moisture in the internal and external structures create air pockets in the paint job, strip the paint, create cracks and damage the outer coating of the house. The task to repaint and restore the entire design of the house can become a daunting ask, which is why we provide color consultations along with the following services:

  • Electrostatic painting
  • Faux finish painting
  • Exterior painting and staining
  • Interior painting
  • Wall paper hanging

It may be difficult to see your beautiful home damaged but it is our job to ensure that your home is restored to its beauty and even help you improve the décor of your home. From faux painting services of painting granite or marble designs to painting the rooms a simple color, it is our job to give you what you want. We use the paints you want and create the designs that you want to see in your home. It is our duty to remake our house professionally to restore any damage that had occurred. Out highly talented painters and decorative techniques will surely satisfy all your restoration needs.

Not only can we work with interior designing professionals, with our expert consultations we will be able to give you the amenities that you require.