4 Important Mistakes to Avoid When Experimenting With Bold Color

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4 Important Mistakes to Avoid When Experimenting With Bold Color

How To Paint a Room

Experimenting with a bold paint color is the ideal way to bring a dramatic effect and glamour to a room. Choosing the appropriate color while experimenting with colors can be a tricky process. A color that looks neutral on the sample displayed at the paint store can be too bold when applied on your walls. Actually the patterns and lighting throughout the space can have a tremendous impact on how the color reflects in the room.

Following is the 5 important mistakes that you should avoid when experimenting with bold colors.

Mistake #1: Picking a Color without Testing Samples:

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when selecting paint is that they choose a particular shade from the paint chip without testing the same in the natural light of their own room. What you need to do is to pick 2/3 samples of different hues in your house to experience the effect on four walls of your own room before ultimately selecting the final color. Natural light can make a huge difference as well; therefore you need to check how the color looks like in natural light too.

Mistake #2: Experimenting Too Much:

Too much experiment can ruin the end result. Using multiple bold colors in just a single room can ruin the overall effect. What you should do is to choose one bright color surrounding the entire room to create a grand effect and improve the curb appeal of the room. Before experimenting with a particular color, you can even consult with the professional painters in Lyndhurst NJ.

Mistake #3: Ignoring Other Elements in the Room:

Very often, people ignore the other elements of the room like furniture, window sidings, doors, cabinets etc when choosing paint color for a room. This may ruin the effect in case the color you choose doesn’t compliment the other elements in the room. Before choosing a paint color, you need to pay extra attention to the elements of the floor as well as the color of the ceiling as they will largely interact with the colors you choose for the wall.

Mistake #4: Taking All Whites As The Same When It Comes to Trim:

You need to use proper white color for the trim. The white that you choose for the trim should compliment a bright colored wall. For example, if you have warm tone in the wall, you need to choose a white with a yellow undertone.

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