4 Mistakes People Make When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

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April 17, 2016
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4 Mistakes People Make When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painted cabinets are the talk of the town these days. Since many DIY painters love the idea of painting the kitchen cabinets with only a few coats of new paint color, it often seems like very easy project. However, when you undertake the kitchen cabinet painting project, you can understand that it has many potential pitfalls. This is a project where most of the homeowners make many mistakes by taking this project too lightly. You can avoid these mistakes by taking some simple precautions. Mentioned below are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when painting kitchen cabinets.

Having Unrealistic Expectations:

Painted cabinets truly look nice, but they are not surely going to look totally smooth. Most of the homeowners have high expectations with their kitchen cabinets. But the reality is, if your kitchen cabinets have a visible open grain, you can see the grain through the paint. You can surely fill the grain by using the best quality putty, but this can be very time-consuming and difficult to get the perfect finish.

Not Tinting the Primer:

A lot of homeowners make a big mistake by not tinting the primer when applying on the kitchen cabinets. It is important to add a bit of paint color to the primer to tint it. This will help you to get away with fewer coats. It is true that white is one of the hardest colors to cover. Therefore, if you have your primer little tinted, this will save you time and money.

Not Using the Right Type of Paint:

This is another mistake frequently committed by the homeowners when painting their kitchen cabinets. Choosing wrong type of paint for the kitchen cabinets can often ruin the entire paint job. There are many instances where the homeowner applies a particular paint and it only looked a little off, but by the time it dried, it was clearly a different color. In order to avoid this problem, you always need to choose a special kind of paint which is especially made for the cabinets. High quality paint, specifically designed for kitchen cabinets, can actually hide any painting marks or other discrepancies. In case you find any painting marks, you should sand it down to get the right finish.

Getting the Doors Mixed Up:

It is always recommended to label the cabinet doors while painting the kitchen cabinets. You need to keep the doors in right order when you are painting them. This will help you re-install them properly.

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