How to Get Color Consistency In Big Painting Project?

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How to Get Color Consistency In Big Painting Project?

Tips For A Perfect Paint Job

It is easy to get consistent paint color on a small paint project since all of the paint used comes out of the same paint can. However, when handling a large interior painting project with numerous walls and multiple cans of the same paint color, achieving color consistency is little difficult.

All the reputed painting contractors have their own secrets to avoid problems in achieving color consistency. If you don’t have any idea how to avoid these problems, you could easily end up with areas of your paint project that are not looking appropriate since they are close but not an exact match with the wall space around them.

There is more than one factor that can affect inconsistency in the paint color as well as the finish of paint. The following tips are useful to avoid the inconsistency in paint color in a large paint project.

Buy Some Extra Paint All At Once:

It is very much important to buy all of the paint needed plus extra from the same paint store all at once. This offers you the best possible success in achieving color consistency and the walls will have the exact same color because it is typically all the same batch of mixed paint.

Keep Track of All Paint Cans:

Under any circumstances you should not use a new paint can when you are in the middle of painting a wall. Remember, you aim is to avoid even the subtle inconsistency in color in places that will be noticeable. A little difference in the hue that is noticeable can create a negative impression in the mind of the visitors. Since every wall in your house has a slightly different look due to the natural and artificial lights, you need to be very careful while applying the same color on different walls. You can avoid this mistake by keeping a track of which wall is painted with which can of paint. Also, keep some paint so that it can be used for future touch ups.

Apply Consistent Layers:

When it comes to avoid the inconsistency in paint color, it is important to apply consistent layers. This is the reason why you should not add more coats of paint to some walls but not others. Painting different number of layers from one wall to the next will surely create inconsistency in paint color. For the best result, you can consider hiring a painting contractor in Lyndhurst NJ since they know the secrets of how to achieve consistency in paint color in a big project.

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