What Is Making My Paint Peel On The Interior Of My Home?

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What Is Making My Paint Peel On The Interior Of My Home?

Peeling Paint and Cracking

Most homeowners feel a gigantic sense of pride when they complete repainting a room in their home. However, at times, the pride can lead to an immediate embarrassment as well as frustration when the paint begins to peel. There are so many reasons why a paint job can go worst. Knowing these reasons can help you avoid paint from peeling. Mentioned below are the most common threes causes on why paint will start to peel or crack and what are the possible ways to get rid of these problems:

No or Improper Surface Preparation:

Paint can start peeling if it is not sticking properly to the surface that is underneath. If the wall has not been properly wiped off any dirt or other impurities, the paint will not dry correctly. In order to get rid of this problem, you need to be sure to wash the surfaces and vacuum the floor before starting the paint job. Furthermore, you need to make sure to put down a high quality primer that will prepare the wall for the fresh coat of paint.

Moist or Damp Surfaces:

Another important reason why paint starts to peel is moist or damp surfaces. Water in the air or damp surfaces is the worst enemy of a painter. Your paint won’t dry properly if the surface is moist or damp. You should not paint the interior walls or the exterior of your house shortly before or after a rainstorm. If there is moisture in the air, the water will stick on the walls and make it closely impossible for the paint to stick to the surface. Water in the air actually weakens the adhesive properties of the paint or primer. Particularly, oil based paint do not stick well on a wet surface.

Choosing Wrong Paint:

If you purchase a new type of paint that is not the same as what has already been applied on the walls, you are going to face a big trouble. Regardless of oil, latex, or water based paint you use on the walls, paints of different types don’t actually mix well. If your paint doesn’t mix well, it will start to peel in no time. If you want to use different type of paint on top of another one in your Lyndhurst, NJ house, ask the local painting contractor to apply a good quality primer that will help the situation. The professionals painting contractors will also help you determining the total interior paint cost in Lyndhurst NJ.

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